Making plain sailing of the complex

Embarking on a web-based technical project can be daunting. We can all think of instances where projects have grown into monsters or struggled to get off the ground at all.

A combination of solid project management and technical know-how is invaluable in making projects happen, on time and on budget.

Technical project management is not purely technical. It needs someone with the vision to map the journey, a strong understanding of stakeholders and dependencies, and deep technical knowledge.

Our dedicated project management team work closely with our in-house development team. Together we help clients bring complex projects to life. We pride ourselves on understanding our clients’ needs, keeping things as simple as possible, and getting the job done.

Because we take the time to understand our clients’ products and propositions we’re able to identify and configure the most effective solutions.

We know that a product or website isn’t finished when it's launched. Our dedication to providing the correct solution means we continue to work with clients as their needs evolve.

How can we help:

  • Remove the stress of managing technical projects inhouse
  • Reduce costs, deliver on time and on budget
  • We continue to support and look after all our clients beyond project launch

"Great project management creates and enables happy, motivated teams who know their work matters. It unites clients and teams, creates a vision for success and gets everyone on the same page."

SOURCE: The Digital Project Manager