Workplace learning in the digital age

In the digital age, workplace learning has taken on a new meaning. Dim training rooms lit by a projector and reams of photocopied notes have been consigned to another era.

In the new world of work, building a knowledge culture means adopting a mindset that values employee contributions and idea sharing - and the technology to support it.

Training and knowledge sharing need systems in place that will empower employees to direct their own learning in their own time and on any device. Effective workplace learning allows for different learning styles and schedules, providing the same learning experience to all employees wherever and whenever they learn.

We believe that e-learning is much more than taking traditional learning and moving it online. Successful e-learning programmes are engaging, interactive, flexible and convenient.

E-learning allows training teams to create different design flows for different types of learners. Some prefer reading or storytelling, others prefer watching and listening, some engage best with game-based learning. Advances in technology mean we have the ability to make learning more immersive, more enjoyable and more effective.

How can we help:

  • We provide a full e-learning development service from concept through instructural design to build and deployment.
  • Design and build of bespoke LMS platforms including Moodle.
  • e-learning content creation using Articulate, Evolve and HTML5 authoring tools.
  • We specialise in e-learning content developed for mobile devices.

"One of the most important predictors of success is the learning process itself: the methods and ways in which learning takes shape."

SOURCE: Forbes