How we can help you:

  • Better connect with customers or employees through innovative bespoke mobile applications.
  • Meet business or customer needs through the development of progressive web applications.
  • Bring your marketing to life with professional digital marketing assets including graphics, video, animation and product visualisation.
  • Improve workplace learning by the design and development of learning management systems.
  • Ensure your online presence is secure and performing at its optimum.
  • Provide advice, guidance and support from a dedicated project manager.
  • Seamlessly manage permanent, contingent and temporary workers using our configurable online platform.

Who we are

We’re an agile, effective software development agency based in Devon. We’re here to help you create a better online experience for your customers and employees. We specialise in mobile app and web app development and technical project management. We don’t over-complicate or talk in code. We use our technical know-how and business acumen to get the job done. And we build strong relationships through outstanding client service which is why our customers are happy to recommend us.

Why choose us

We’re not just developers or project managers which is the case in many agencies. We’re lucky to have the perfect combination of both in our team. Meaning we have a full understanding of your business needs and the best solution. We know clients find our no-nonsense approach refreshing – we won’t over complicate technically and we’ll meet your brief on time and on budget.

Meet the team

  • Lyn Major - CEO

    Lyn Major - CEO

    Hi, I'm Lyn and have been involved with digital technology for over 35 years experiencing most of the technological advances that has brought us to where we are today.

    Having a huge passion for motorsport and performance cars and more specifically Porsche 911's, I am always interested in any car related project. So if you have one give me a call!!
  • Jemma - Operations Director

    Jemma - Operations Director

    I will ensure that your project runs smoothly from first contact with Jemtx to launch. I look forward to chatting with you.
  • Nick - Senior Developer

    Nick - Senior Developer

    I have over 35 years experience in software development and support. I try to understand the needs of the end user and ensure that all applications are efficient and time saving.
  • Rory - Business Development

    Rory - Business Development

    I have over 25 years’ experience in IT, from coding to project management, consulting and business development. My role is to ensure we provide the right service and technology for our customers.
  • Ant - Digital Designer

    Ant - Digital Designer

    Hi I’m Ant, I have over 15 years experience in animation, design and illustration, and it's my job to create amazing eye catching designs that will really make your business stand out!
  • John - eLearning Consultant

    John - eLearning Consultant

    I'm an award winning learning designer and learning technologist with a passion for e-learning and online learning. I'm here to help you free learning from the confines of the classroom!